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Babar Azam or Sammy? Coach Explains Peshawar Zalmi’s Success

Babar Azam or Sammy? Coach Explains Peshawar Zalmi's Success

Peshawar Zalmi has emerged as a dominant force in this year’s Pakistan Super League (PSL), despite fielding one of the weakest bowling lineups and a batting side heavily reliant on just two batsmen.

A notable aspect of this year’s PSL has been Babar Azam’s captaincy for Zalmi, a stark contrast to his past criticisms while leading Pakistan’s national cricket team. Azam has exhibited tactical prowess, prompting speculation on whether he is inherently suited for captaincy or if Darren Sammy, the team’s head coach, has been guiding him behind the scenes.

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Darren Sammy, a two-time World Champion in T20 cricket and instrumental in Zalmi’s 2017 triumph, has been observed mentoring Babar Azam throughout the PSL 9 season. This mentorship has contributed to Zalmi’s current strong position in the competition.

Sammy emphasized the importance of communication and collaboration between coach and captain during matches, drawing parallels with other sports like NFL and NBA. He believes that such synergy between the two roles is crucial for success in cricket as well.

In a post-match press conference, Sammy highlighted his strategy of maintaining continuous communication with the coach during his captaincy tenure. He argued against the notion of leaving the captain isolated on the field, advocating for active involvement and support from the coaching staff.

Despite emphasizing the coach-captain collaboration during matches, Sammy clarified that Babar Azam retains full autonomy on the field. While suggestions are offered, the final decision rests with the captain, based on his instincts and game awareness.

Sammy acknowledged Babar Azam’s pivotal role in Zalmi’s success this year, crediting the captain for his leadership amidst the team’s achievements. He emphasized the need to normalize the synergy between coach and captain in cricket, underscoring its significance in achieving tangible success.