PTA Cracks Down on illegal Internet Service Providers

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Key points:

  • The PTA conducted raids in Samundri, Khiderwala, and Mureedwala in a crackdown on unauthorized Internet service providers (ISPs).
  • During the operations, law enforcement apprehended two individuals, and equipment associated with illegal ISPs was confiscated.
  • The PTA emphasized the importance of obtaining telecommunications services solely from operators licensed by the PTA for the public’s benefit and compliance with regulations.

In partnership with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), PTA effectively carried out three operations in Samundri, Khiderwala, and Mureedwala to crack down on illicit internet service providers.

Raids targeting illegal internet service providers were executed at Gojra Road in Samundri, the main bus stop in Khiderwala, and Mureedwala. Two individuals were apprehended, and illegal ISP equipment was seized. Additionally, an unlawful wireless point-to-point (P2P) link or antenna was confiscated during the operation.

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In an official statement, the PTA attributed the success of the raids against illegal ISPs to their ongoing monitoring, unwavering commitment, and persistent efforts to combat the problem of unlawful internet services. These actions are aimed at reducing financial losses to the national treasury due to tax evasion and inaccurate revenue reporting.

The statement emphasized the importance of obtaining telecom services exclusively from PTA-licensed operators to prevent any abrupt service interruptions.

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