PTI Counsel Asserts Azam’s Testimony Holds No Legal Weight

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PTI Counsel Asserts Azam’s Testimony Holds No Legal Weight

In a recent hearing at the Islamabad High Court (IHC), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) counsel Barrister Salman Safdar presented arguments regarding Azam Khan’s testimony in the cipher case involving former premier Imran Khan. Barrister Safdar informed the court that Azam Khan, Imran Khan’s principal secretary, had changed his statement in the case, stating that his testimony before the magistrate was as an accused and not as a witness, and therefore lacked legal status as it was not made under oath.

The PTI lawyer contended that there was a discrepancy between Azam Khan’s statements before the investigation officer and the magistrate. He argued that this deviation from his previous statement worked in favor of the accused.

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Chief Justice Aamer Farooq questioned the prosecution’s claim that the cipher was “twisted” and asked for clarification on this matter. Barrister Safdar clarified that Azam Khan’s statement did not imply that Imran Khan intentionally misplaced the cipher but rather instructed his military secretary to search for it.

Regarding the charges against Azam Khan, Barrister Safdar noted that while Azam Khan was named in the FIR, he was not charged in the challan. He argued that Azam Khan was summoned for inquiry for seventeen months and was “abducted” before recording his statement, which was not made under oath.

The lawyer emphasized that Azam Khan’s statement before the magistrate was made under duress, as he was not granted bail before recording his statement and was not under oath during the proceedings. He clarified that the magistrate recorded Azam Khan’s statement without handing him over to the authorities, indicating that it was recorded as an accused and not as a witness.

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