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Punjab Allocates Rs. 150 Billion for Road Reconstruction

Punjab Allocates Rs. 150 Billion for Road Reconstruction

The Punjab Local Government and Community Development Department have approved a significant budget of Rs. 150 billion for the reconstruction of damaged roads across the province. This road rehabilitation plan will be executed by municipal corporations, with main and link roads in cities already undergoing reconstruction.

In addition to road reconstruction, the provincial government has initiated efforts to implement a tax on garbage collection. A working group comprising Senior Minister Mariam Aurangzeb, Local Government Minister Zeeshan Rafique, and Special Secretary of the Local Government Department, Asia Gul, has been formed to finalize the specifics and proposals for this tax. The proposed garbage collection tax is expected to range from Rs. 50 to Rs. 500, depending on the size and location of the households.

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Moreover, the provincial government has announced plans to construct five expressways connecting major districts across Punjab. The Chief Minister has allocated a budget of Rs. 139.5 billion for this purpose. The proposed expressways include:

  • Bahawalpur N5 to Jhangra Sharqi Interchange Expressway: This expressway will span 42 kilometers with a budget of Rs. 13 billion.
  • Multan to Vehari Expressway: Covering 93 kilometers, this expressway will be constructed at a cost of Rs. 26.50 billion.
  • Chichawatni to Pir Mahal-Shorkot to Garhmahraja-Chowk Azam to Layyah Expressway: Stretching 199 kilometers, this expressway has been allocated Rs. 66 billion.
  • Sahiwal to Samundri Interchange Expressway: This 57-kilometer expressway will be constructed with a budget of Rs. 23 billion.
  • Faisalabad Chiniot to Kamal Pur Interchange to Tehsil Chowk Chiniot Expressway: Spanning over 24 kilometers, this expressway will cost Rs. 11 billion.

These infrastructure projects aim to enhance travel infrastructure and facilitate better connectivity across Punjab.