Punjab Prolongs School Winter Break, Delays Exams Due To Cold

Web DeskJanuary 10, 2024
Punjab Prolongs School Winter Break, Delays Exams Due To Cold

In response to the severe cold wave affecting the province, Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has announced a one-week suspension of classes for students in grade one and below. This decision was made during an emergency meeting held at Lahore’s Children’s Hospital, where Naqvi underscored the necessity of taking immediate measures due to the ongoing severe weather conditions.

The chief minister further elaborated on the government’s decision to defer exams for grades 1-10, particularly in light of the unfortunate deaths of 36 children attributed to pneumonia. Highlighting the alarming statistic that eight out of 10 children are currently suffering from pneumonia, Naqvi directed schools to suspend morning assemblies to minimize the risk of further health complications among students.

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In addition to the temporary suspension of classes, Naqvi stressed the significance of keeping children diagnosed with pneumonia away from school premises. He urged for proactive vaccination measures for both children and the elderly population to mitigate the impact of respiratory illnesses.

This decision follows the reopening of schools after the winter vacations, which commenced on December 18, 2023. To adapt to the prevailing weather conditions, the provincial government had previously adjusted school timings, setting them to commence at 9:30 am from January 10 to January 22.

In light of the persistent cold conditions, the Punjab School Education Department had already extended the winter holidays for both public and private educational institutions until January 9, prior to the latest announcement by Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi. These measures collectively aim to address the challenges posed by the severe cold weather, prioritizing the health and well-being of students across the province.

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