Punjab Records Over a Thousand Accidents in 24 Hours

Web DeskSeptember 1, 2023
Punjab Records Over a Thousand Accidents in 24 Hours

In the past 24 hours, the Punjab Emergency Services Department (ESD) has recorded nearly 1,100 road traffic accidents across all 37 districts of Punjab. These accidents resulted in five fatalities and injuries to 1,130 individuals.

Among the injured, 595 people sustained critical injuries and were promptly transported to various hospitals in Punjab for urgent medical care. The remaining 535 victims suffered minor injuries and received on-site treatment from rescue medical teams.

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Earlier this week in Shah Khalid Colony, Rawalpindi, a school van caught fire due to a diesel leakage. Despite the fire’s rapid spread through the van, prompt action by rescue teams and firefighters prevented any casualties or injuries.

This incident occurred on Old Airport Road and involved students and a driver, all of whom emerged from the incident unharmed.

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