Rana Sana cold water on the digital headcount

Web DeskJuly 16, 2023
Rana Sana cold water on the digital headcount

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah reiterated on Saturday that the government had opted not to publicize the digital census, and that the 2018 elections will be based on the 2017 census.

“The CCI (Council of Common Interests) must finish its term.” If this [new] census is not notified by then, the elections would be [held] using the previous census and delimitation,” he said on a TV talk program.

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“The government has decided not to notify the [latest census].” When the assemblies’ terms expire, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will be obligated to hold elections based on the previous census.”

The interior minister stated that the government will not notify the current census due to “issues,” and that numerous stakeholders had qualms about it as well.

He stated that the MQM-P, a government ally in the Centre, was concerned about the new digital census.

When asked about the MQM-P’s concerns over the 2017 census, the minister stated that the party was also dissatisfied with the new digital census. “They don’t [even] accept this new census.”

He mentioned that there were also objections regarding the new census in Balochistan.

He emphasized that all issues must be resolved, and that any hasty decision on the census might lead to a “controversial situation” in the country.




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