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Record-Breaker Returns Grant Amid KP Government Disrespect

Record-Breaker Returns Grant Amid KP Government Disrespect

South Waziristan athlete Irfan Mehsood, renowned for holding an impressive 100 Guinness World Records in martial arts and fitness, has made headlines by returning Rs. 500,000 awarded by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sports Department’s officials.

Expressing his discontent over the treatment he received from the KP Sports Department, Mehsood recounted his experience with the Provincial Sports Minister, Secretary, and Director General in a video posted on X. He revealed that instead of assisting him in acquiring equipment for his club, they engaged in disrespectful bargaining, offering him Rs. 200,000.

“I asked the sports adviser for equipment for my club,” Mehsood stated. “They started bargaining with me, asking me to take Rs. 200,000. If you can’t respect us, don’t insult us.”

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Among his notable achievements, Mehsood broke the weightlifting record previously held by Italy’s Marcello Ferri, lifting 63kg to surpass Ferri’s 56kg lift. He holds an impressive tally of 46 records in the push-ups category, including feats with 100 pounds, 80 pounds, 60 pounds, and 40 pounds.

Mehsood’s remarkable accomplishments have earned him national recognition, culminating in the prestigious Presidential Pride of Performance Award bestowed upon him in April 2023. Despite his extraordinary feats, Mehsood’s decision to return the award money underscores his dissatisfaction with the treatment he received from government officials.