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Ride-Hailing Companies Explore Exclusive SOPs

Ride-Hailing Companies Explore Exclusive SOPs

Karachi: Online Marketplaces (OMPs) functioning as transportation service providers in collaboration with technology companies are urging the government to establish proper regulations for the burgeoning ride-hailing industry. They advocate for standardized practices, reasonable taxation, fair competition, and the overhaul of deteriorating road infrastructure. These measures are seen as beneficial for both users and service providers alike.

The rise of the ride-hailing services industry can be attributed to various factors, including the escalating costs associated with owning and maintaining a car in Pakistan. Additionally, the inadequacy of the public transportation system has created a demand for safe, reliable, and convenient commuting alternatives for daily travel.

OMPs offer a seamless mobility experience for customers while creating economic opportunities for drivers, known as captains. As transportation service providers, they advocate for policies that prioritize road safety, infrastructure enhancement, and a conducive business environment. Such measures would not only improve the mobility experience for locals but also foster the growth of the transportation industry.

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Utilizing app-based platforms or e-commerce sites, service providers offer a range of services, including ride-hailing, intercity transportation, carpooling, mass transit, motorbike rides, rickshaw taxis, freight services, instant delivery, and courier services. An increasing number of people are opting for ride-hailing services provided by OMPs such as Careem, Uber, Bykea, inDrive, and Yango due to the factors of trust, safety, and comfort.

App-based platforms offer several safety advantages over traditional phone-based bookings. Customers can conveniently book rides from their homes, track their ride in real-time, share trip details for added security, and access features like driver ratings and emergency assistance.

A spokesperson for Careem emphasized the company’s commitment to safety, stating, “We understand Pakistan is a market with safety challenges, hence we never compromise on customer and captain safety.” Careem has a comprehensive approach, including rigorous background checks on all captains, to ensure only trusted individuals join their platform.

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Despite numerous challenges, including regulatory hurdles and infrastructure limitations, OMPs like Careem, Bykea, and inDrive have made significant strides in reshaping the transportation landscape in Pakistan. They continue to work towards overcoming obstacles and improving the overall customer experience.

By introducing innovative concepts such as motorbike taxis, these companies have addressed the evolving needs of consumers and provided affordable and efficient mobility solutions. With ongoing efforts to enhance safety measures and expand their service offerings, OMPs are poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of transportation in Pakistan.