Royal Expert: Meghan Markle’s Sincerity Questioned Next to Prince Harry

Web DeskSeptember 3, 2023

Meghan Markle is facing criticism for allegedly appearing insincere when standing alongside Prince Harry. Royal expert Angela Levin made these claims during an interview with Sky News.

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Levin accused Prince Harry of being overly accommodating to Meghan and advised him to “take a step back.” She stated, “She thinks she’s a wonderful woman who knows everything, and Harry agrees with her. However, he shouldn’t be so servile and should exercise more independent judgment.”

Levin’s caution comes amid Meghan’s apparent distance from some of Prince Harry’s engagements, including promotions and legal matters. Levin noted that at critical moments, Meghan seemed absent.

The expert expressed concern that if Meghan attempts to be present at a significant event, it may come across as contrived, potentially detracting from the authenticity of the moment.

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