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Rubina Ashraf: Veteran Artists Should Comment on Actors, Just Like Ex-Cricketers on Athletes

Rubina Ashraf: Veteran Artists Should Comment on Actors, Just Like Ex-Cricketers on Athletes

Rubina Ashraf, a seasoned screen veteran, is known for her no-nonsense attitude and action-oriented approach to life. She is widely recognized for her candid analysis of her peers on YouTube. In a recent appearance on Fuchsia’s Gup Shup, with her long hair tumbling down in loose waves, Rubina shared her life philosophy, explaining why her drama analysis show is essential today and offering insights for young actors entering the field.

“I don’t like people cribbing,” Rubina declared early in the conversation. “My strategy in life is, if you don’t like a situation or the way something is being done, then change what isn’t working. Complain – but then fix. Get it right.”

Her no-complaints policy was sharpened during the pandemic when she had a close brush with death due to Covid-19. “The joy of life is in the smaller things,” Rubina reflected. “All I want in life is a cup of coffee, a glass of water, and good conversation.” Recalling her struggle to breathe during the illness, Rubina realized how much she still wanted to accomplish in life. This experience instilled a profound sense of gratitude in her, making her appreciate even the air she breathes.

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After four decades in showbiz, Rubina is determined to leave a lasting impact. This has led her to pause her directorial pursuits. “I wasn’t making a big difference when I was directing, and it was proving to be a tough task. Home comes first,” she explained. “My mission in life now is to make a big difference, and that wasn’t happening when I was directing.”

Rubina’s drama critique show, Kya Drama Hai on YouTube, has drawn criticism from the showbiz fraternity for its harsh reviews. However, Rubina remains unfazed, emphasizing the importance of self-questioning and standing by one’s decisions. She likens her role to former athletes analyzing current-day sports, believing that expert opinions are necessary for improving the craft.

Offering advice to young actors, Rubina stressed the importance of hard work and the ability to convey emotions effectively. “Merely looking good will not get you far,” she warned. She encouraged young actors to engage with their directors for role improvement while respecting their seniors’ guidance. Rubina emphasized that senior actors should provide constructive criticism and solutions, ensuring a healthy transfer of knowledge to the next generation.

Rubina’s direct and insightful words may challenge even the most seasoned actors, but her experience and dedication to the industry make her advice invaluable for anyone looking to succeed in showbiz.