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Saba Hameed: No Experience of Colorism in Showbiz, Thought of Herself as ‘Very Fair’

Saba Hameed: No Experience of Colorism in Showbiz, Thought of Herself as 'Very Fair'

In a recent episode of actor Iffat Omar’s podcast, renowned Pakistani actor Saba Hameed engaged in a candid conversation about colourism in the entertainment industry. Sharing her personal experiences and insights, Saba shed light on the discrimination faced by individuals based on their skin tone.

Recalling her own journey, Saba expressed gratitude for always believing she had a fair complexion, unaware of the challenges faced by others due to their darker skin tone. However, she acknowledged witnessing instances where talented individuals were overlooked for roles solely because of their complexion.

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Addressing a specific incident from a few years ago, Saba highlighted the struggles faced by a dark-skinned woman in securing roles despite her talent and beauty. This revelation shed light on the systemic biases prevalent within the industry.

Echoing Saba’s sentiments, Iffat Omar shared her own experiences of facing negative stereotypes and roles due to her skin colour. However, Saba interjected, suggesting that such biases were not solely rooted in colourism but also in the availability of more substantial roles.

The discussion on colourism in the industry is not new, with actors like Amna Ilyas and Gohar Rasheed openly criticizing the prevailing prejudices against dark-skinned actors. Gohar Rasheed, in particular, humorously remarked on the industry’s preference for fair-skinned actors, highlighting the systemic issue of colourism and its ties to toxic masculinity and exclusionary practices within the entertainment landscape.