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Saheefa Jabbar Calls Out Bollywood’s Silence on Ongoing Genocide in Palestine

Saheefa Jabbar Calls Out Bollywood's Silence on Ongoing Genocide in Palestine

Actor Saheefa Jabbar Khattak has recently drawn attention to the silence of Bollywood stars regarding Israel’s aggression in Gaza, amidst ongoing critique aimed at Hollywood celebrities for their lack of response to the genocide in Palestine. In a strongly worded Instagram story, Khattak criticized the hypocrisy of praising Bollywood figures while they remain silent on such grave issues. She called for a reevaluation of the industry’s relationship with Bollywood, urging to focus on self-respect rather than seeking validation from across the border.

The backdrop of Khattak’s outcry is the alarming death toll reported by Gaza’s health ministry, with nearly 36,000 Palestinians killed in Israel’s offensive. Despite the severity of the crisis, Bollywood stalwarts have predominantly chosen to remain silent, drawing widespread criticism. However, there have been notable exceptions, including Sonam Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, who have voiced support for Palestine.

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Indian actor Kani Kusruti displayed solidarity with Palestine at the Cannes Film Festival by carrying a watermelon bag during the red carpet for her film, despite strict restrictions. Similarly, Swara Bhaskar condemned the violence, emphasizing the need to halt the genocide.

Khattak encouraged her followers to hold Indian celebrities and influencers accountable by tagging them in comments expressing solidarity with Palestine. She also admitted her own past participation in hyping up Indian artists and urged others to reassess their actions.

Furthermore, Khattak used her platform to critique Pakistan’s treatment of its minorities, calling for an end to atrocities and urging the government to address the issue. She emphasized the importance of condemning all forms of injustice, both at home and abroad, and highlighted the contribution of minorities to Pakistan’s growth and economy. This statement was made in response to a recent attack on a Christian man in Sargodha.