Saheefa Jabbar Reveals Unconventional Bonds and Mental Health Journey

Web DeskDecember 22, 2023
Saheefa Jabbar Reveals Unconventional Bonds and Mental Health Journey

Saheefa Jabbar, a well-known Pakistani model and actress, has opened up about her past relationships and ongoing struggles with mental health. During a podcast, she shared intimate details about being romantically involved with her husband’s classmate in the past, an experience that led to depression when the relationship ended. Despite the challenges, she found comfort in her current husband and continues to maintain a bond with him.

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What drew attention was Saheefa’s revelation that she remains friends with several of her ex-partners, attending their weddings and cherishing the friendships that have endured beyond romantic involvement.

She expressed comfort with being friends with her exes, but also acknowledged the societal challenges, mentioning that sometimes their wives force them to cut off contact with her.

Saheefa’s openness about her personal life adds complexity to her public persona, known for her outspoken stance against bullying and online harassment. Her discussions on mental health challenges also contribute to breaking stigmas and fostering a more open dialogue on the topic.

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