Sajid Sadpara climbs K2 to honor his father

Web DeskAugust 13, 2023
Sajid Sadpara climbs K2 to honor his father

Sajid Ali Sadpara, still mourning the loss of his father, has discovered a unique and heartfelt way to pay homage. Donning a suit adorned with Pakistan’s flag, he undertakes a challenging mission on K2, an 8,611-meter peak where his father now rests. At the K2 Basecamp, alongside his team, Sadpara discovers a disheartening sight – the aftermath left by previous climbers: discarded oxygen canisters, damaged tents, and tangled ropes left behind in pursuit of the summit.

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In a mere week, their collective efforts manage to remove approximately 200 kilograms of debris from the world’s second tallest mountain. His motivation lies in his love for the mountain and a sense of responsibility for its well-being.

Two years prior, Sajid attempted to ascend K2 alongside his father and two other climbers. Regrettably, he had to descend due to illness, while the rest pressed on. Tragically, the trio lost their lives during the arduous climb, found below a frozen segment of the mountain. Upon locating his father’s body, Sadpara performed the appropriate Islamic rituals and marked the spot with GPS coordinates.

When questioned about his deep connection to the mountain, he reveals that being amidst the grandeur of the mountains brings him tranquility. However, he bears a heavy heart as he witnesses the mountain’s natural beauty marred by the heedlessness of human actions. Reflecting on this, he candidly admits, “We messed up its beauty with our own behavior,” emphasizing the need for responsible stewardship of this precious natural wonder.

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