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Sana Nawaz Advocates Support for Single Mothers

Sana Nawaz Advocates Support for Single Mothers

Sana Nawaz, in a candid conversation with Adnan Faisal on his podcast, shared her perspectives on the daily challenges faced by women in Pakistan, drawing from her personal experiences as a single mother and an actor in the showbiz industry.

Rejecting the notion that being a television star makes life easy, Sana emphasized the additional hurdles she faces as a single mother. She called for greater acknowledgment and support for single mothers, highlighting the importance of appreciating and encouraging them.

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Addressing societal stereotypes, Sana challenged the perception of single mothers and unmarried women who work outside the home. She shared insights from her latest project, “Bano Bike Wali,” which aims to break stereotypes and showcase the resilience of women.

Sana expressed admiration for women who defy expectations and work hard to support themselves and their families. She advocated for the normalization of women using motorcycles as a means of transportation, emphasizing that it’s a necessity, not a stigma.

Acknowledging her own privilege as a celebrity, Sana underscored the respect she has for working-class women who face judgment and scrutiny. She recounted instances where she publicly applauded and recognized the efforts of ordinary women, highlighting their strength and determination.

Transitioning to the topic of women in sports, Sana emphasized the importance of encouragement from the men in women’s lives. She advocated for girls to be active in sports and fitness activities, stressing the role of supportive male figures in empowering women.

Reflecting on social media’s impact, Sana discussed the challenges faced by emerging actors and the need to learn from mistakes. She encouraged viewers to embrace criticism, learn from failures, and grow stronger through life’s experiences.

In conclusion, Sana emphasized the resilience and strength of women, urging them to remember their worth and not be deterred by challenges. She continues to champion for the rights and recognition of women in Pakistani society.