Sanam Jung Shares Insights on Life in Texas Compared to Pakistan

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Sanam Jung Shares Insights on Life in Texas Compared to Pakistan

Sanam Jung, the renowned television host and actor, opened up about her experiences after moving to Houston in July 2023, revealing the joys and challenges of adjusting to life in a new country. Speaking candidly on Shan e Suhoor, Sanam shared her journey, from learning to cook from scratch to navigating the emotional toll of leaving her close-knit family behind in Karachi.

Reflecting on her life in Pakistan, Sanam expressed a deep appreciation for the close bond she shared with her parents and sisters. Moving to the United States was a significant decision, driven by her desire to be with her husband, pilot Qassam Jafri, and their daughter under one roof. Despite the happiness of being reunited, Sanam couldn’t ignore the absence of the support system she had taken for granted back home.

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Transitioning to life in Houston meant grappling with newfound responsibilities, especially in the kitchen. Sanam humorously recounted her culinary mishaps, from failed attempts at cooking haleem to struggling with basic tasks like making jelly and koftay. Despite the challenges, she persevered, determined to master the art of cooking for her family.

Sanam also faced hurdles in re-learning how to drive and adjusting to the different pace of life in Houston. However, her daughter, Alaya, adapted well to her new school, albeit missing her grandparents in Karachi. Sanam praised Alaya’s teachers for their support in helping her settle into her new environment.

While initially exploring job opportunities in Houston, Sanam ultimately decided to focus on her own business ventures, with the encouragement of her husband. Embracing her role as a businesswoman, Sanam found success in launching a new perfume line and managing her team.

Despite her initial struggles, Sanam has found her footing in Houston, mastering essential skills like cooking and embracing the challenges of homemaking. Through it all, she remains grateful for the unwavering support of her husband and cherishes the journey of growth and adaptation in her new home.

Sanam’s story serves as a testament to the resilience and determination required to navigate life’s transitions, reminding us that leaving familiar comforts behind can be both daunting and rewarding.

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