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Sania Mirza: Prioritizing People or Money?

Sania Mirza: Prioritizing People or Money?

Former tennis star Sania Mirza emphasized the significance of people who offer support during difficult times, highlighting that money and fame are merely luxuries. She stressed the importance of staying connected to reality and having individuals who provide honest feedback.

Reflecting on her decision to retire from tennis, Sania mentioned that her body’s condition and the challenges she faced after surgeries and becoming a mother influenced her choice. She underscored the unseen struggles behind her achievements, despite outward appearances of success.

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Regarding personal growth over the past decade, Sania attributed her increased patience to motherhood, acknowledging the transformative impact of parenthood. She recognized the value of patience in contrast to her previous impulsiveness, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful decision-making.

Sania drew parallels between lessons learned from sports and their application to real life. She emphasized the resilience gained from sportsmanship, noting that both victories and defeats contribute to personal growth. She encouraged a mindset of continuous improvement and perseverance, highlighting the importance of striving for betterment in both sports and life.