Saudi Arabia Introduces New Temporary Work Visa

Web DeskAugust 27, 2023
Saudi Arabia Introduces New Temporary Work Visa

Saudi Arabia, amidst its rapid growth, has introduced a novel visa category tailored for temporary work. This visa is specifically designed for skilled individuals who can contribute over a short duration in the country.

The introduction of this new visa aims to streamline and expedite the process for short-term laborers to enter Saudi Arabia. In contrast to the previous visa system, which was often limited to specialized roles such as engineering within the oil industry, this new visa represents a departure.

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It widens the scope of opportunities for a broader spectrum of individuals seeking employment in the country.

In the past, work visas primarily targeted male workers or older women, usually aged 40 and above. However, the new visa framework signifies a significant shift. It simplifies the procedure for inviting temporary workers, paving the way for a more diverse array of individuals to contemplate working in Saudi Arabia.

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