Season Two of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Is a Riveting Masterpiece

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Season Two of 'The Lincoln Lawyer' Is a Riveting Masterpiece

When ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ first debuted its first season in the legal drama series, it took everyone by surprise with its overwhelmingly positive reception from both audiences and critics. One review aptly described it as “a binge-worthy, highly captivating piece of entertainment.” Premiering on Netflix in 2022, a decade after the release of the movie starring Matthew McConaughey with the same title, expectations weren’t particularly high for this revival of the story. However, any doubts were quickly silenced when the show shot up to become the number one series on the popular streaming platform, and deservedly so. This thrilling courtroom drama is undeniably outstanding, and the eagerly awaited second season has exceeded all expectations.


Based on Michael Connelly’s popular crime novel series, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ follows the charismatic defense attorney Mickey Haller, portrayed by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. Mickey prefers to work from the backseat of his beloved Lincoln while his endearing driver, Izzy (Jazz Raycole), takes the wheel. This unusual work setup finds Mickey running his law firm alongside his second ex-wife, Lorna (Becki Newton), and her investigator fiancé, Cisco (Angus Sampson). Meanwhile, his first ex-wife, Maggie (Neve Campbell), frequently crosses paths with the fan-favorite lawyer in her role as the District Attorney. It’s quite the intricate web of relationships. While the first season closely followed Connelly’s 2008 novel ‘The Brass Verdict,’ season two draws much of its inspiration from the 2011 bestseller ‘The Fifth Witness.’

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A Captivating New Mystery

The second season introduces us to Lisa Trammell (played by Lana Parrilla), a local chef and restaurateur who becomes entangled with Mickey in more ways than one. After a passionate night with the defense attorney, Lisa desperately needs his legal assistance when she gets arrested for the murder of real estate mogul Mitchell Bondurant. Never one to shy away from high-profile cases, Mickey agrees to represent Lisa, setting the stage for intense legal battles. With a formidable prosecutor and mounting evidence against Trammell, Mickey has his work cut out for him, surpassing the stakes set in the first season. The writers have successfully kept the audience engaged by adding a new dimension to Mickey’s life: the blurring of lines between his romantic and professional relationships with Lisa.

The opening scene of season two immediately grabs your attention. In a tense flashforward, we witness Mickey getting attacked by two unknown men in the law firm’s multi-storey car park—an unfortunate recurrence for Mickey in parking areas following his near miss in season one when he was chased into his office. The story then takes us back three months earlier, following Mickey’s significant legal victory at the end of the first season, showcasing his newfound celebrity status with press coverage, front-page interviews, and a constantly ringing law firm phone.

A Stellar Cast

The cast alone warrants a five-star rating for this show. Garcia-Rulfo convincingly portrays a high-flying attorney and recovering drug addict, complemented by the endearing and relatable character of Izzy, another recovering addict, and the charming reformed biker gang member, Cisco. Becki Newton shines as the standout star in her role as the spirited law student and assistant, Lorna, who manages to inject humor into tension-filled scenes.

Lana Parrilla’s addition as Mickey’s love interest turned client is a triumph. Parrilla is no stranger to playing captivating villains, as demonstrated by her outstanding portrayal of The Evil Queen in ABC’s fantasy series ‘Once Upon a Time’ and her role as a gold-digging femme fatale in the dark second season of ‘Why Women Kill.’ Now, as the enigmatic prime suspect in this season’s murder case, Parrilla’s irresistible approach to this complex character keeps viewers guessing until the season’s shocking revelations. Let’s not forget Mickey’s hilariously overbearing mother, Elena (Angélica María).

Highly Rewatchable

With the second part of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ season two released on August 3rd, co-creator Ted Humphrey has suggested that this story is meant to be watched multiple times. “It’s one of those mystery shows where, when you go back and watch it the second time, you will catch things that you didn’t notice the first time,” he remarked about the season two storyline. However, many won’t need much convincing to rewatch ‘The Lincoln Lawyer.’ The core focus on one particular case for most of the series, combined with its intimate main cast, makes it a captivating and easy-to-follow courtroom drama.

The unexpected revelations about Lisa’s life in the season finale are just one reason why revisiting the series is bound to bring the same level of excitement as the initial viewing. Once you have a comprehensive understanding of Lisa’s character, you’re sure to catch some subtle Easter eggs when immersing yourself in the action again.

The Final Verdict

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is an absolute must-watch. This legal drama, with its electrifying whodunit element, is the perfect choice for an evening’s entertainment. After experiencing the rollercoaster of twists and turns in this fast-paced series within a matter of days, it’s hard to stop talking about it. Although Netflix hasn’t confirmed the show’s future, the cliffhanger ending of season two suggests that it’s well-poised for another season. Many, including myself, are eagerly anticipating it.

Both seasons one and two of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ are available for streaming on Netflix.

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