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Second Season of ‘Parizaad’ Set for Next Year

Second Season of 'Parizaad' Set for Next Year

Fans of “Parizaad” can rejoice as the much-anticipated sequel has been confirmed to air next year. Based on the novel of the same name, the drama stars Ahmed Ali Akbar as the titular character, depicting the journey of a college student striving to achieve his ambitions.

Initially airing from July 2021 to January 2022, “Parizaad” garnered praise for its departure from traditional Pakistani drama tropes, particularly its portrayal of strong female characters.

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Duraid Qureshi, CEO of Hum Network, expressed confidence in the upcoming season, emphasizing the importance of quality content and engaging storytelling.

Ahmed Ali Akbar, who plays Parizaad, hinted at the show’s return in a recent interview, reflecting on his deep connection to the character. Having immersed himself in the role for over a year, Akbar’s dedication speaks to the show’s impact on both viewers and cast members alike.

With promises of a captivating storyline and engaging performances, fans eagerly await the return of “Parizaad” for its second season next year.