Shahzad Sheikh praises mother’s efforts in fostering bond with father.

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Shahzad Sheikh praises mother's efforts in fostering bond with father.

Renowned Pakistani actor Shahzad Sheikh, known for his roles in acclaimed drama serials and films, recently delved into his family’s journey following his parents’ divorce. As the son of veteran actor and filmmaker Javed Sheikh, Shahzad navigated the complexities of his upbringing amidst his father’s separation from his mother, Zeenat Mangi.

In a candid discussion on actor Ahmad Ali Butt’s podcast, Shahzad highlighted the importance of involving children in discussions about the family’s future. He credited his mother for ensuring that he and his sister, Momal Sheikh, maintained a strong connection with their father despite the divorce.

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Reflecting on his childhood, Shahzad praised his mother’s efforts, recalling how she facilitated regular visits with their father during summer holidays. These visits provided crucial opportunities for bonding with their father and extended family in Lahore.

Acknowledging the regrets evident in both his parents’ eyes regarding their past decisions, Shahzad expressed a sense of resignation. He recognized the complexity of their family dynamics and the limitations in rectifying past mistakes.

Despite their history, Shahzad revealed that his parents now share an amicable relationship and reside together under the same roof. He humorously mentioned the everyday tensions typical of any household, indicating a sense of normalcy amidst their unconventional living arrangement.

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