Shaista Zaid: A Stalwart in the Realm of Pakistani Broadcasting

Web DeskDecember 23, 2023
Shaista Zaid: A Stalwart in the Realm of Pakistani Broadcasting

In the dynamic world of Pakistani broadcasting, one name stands out with an illustrious career that spans nearly four decades—Shaista Zaid. A former renowned English newscaster and radio presenter, she etched her name in the annals of Pakistan Television (PTV) and Radio Pakistan, leaving an indelible mark on the country’s media landscape.

Shaista Zaid’s journey in the realm of news reporting and anchoring commenced long before the digital age, a time when the resonance of her voice held a unique significance for viewers across Pakistan. For an impressive 43 years, she dedicated her life to PTV, becoming a symbol of reliability and professionalism in the fast-evolving world of news journalism.

In 1988, Shaista Zaid’s exceptional contributions to the field were acknowledged with the prestigious Presidential Pride of Performance Awards. This accolade served as a testament to her brilliance and unwavering commitment to delivering news with integrity and accuracy. Not only did she excel in her craft, but she also earned a Nigar Award, solidifying her status as a luminary in Pakistani media.

Anchoring the evening English news on PTV until 2012, Shaista Zaid became the face of credible information for a generation of viewers. Her eloquence, coupled with a deep understanding of the news, captivated audiences, even in the early days when English was not as widely spoken. Many tuned in not just for the news but for the sheer pleasure of listening to her articulate delivery, making her a household name synonymous with English news in Pakistan.

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Beyond her role as a newscaster, Shaista Zaid wore multiple hats, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to education. A distinguished teacher holding a Master’s degree in English literature, she brought her intellectual prowess to both the newsroom and the classroom.

In the ever-changing landscape of media, Shaista Zaid stood as a beacon of stability and professionalism. Her retirement in 2012 marked the end of an era, as she bid farewell to her role as the most senior newscaster of Pakistan Television News. Yet, her legacy lives on, an enduring testament to the impact of a remarkable career that shaped the way Pakistan received its news for over four decades.

Today, we salute Shaista Zaid for her invaluable contributions to Pakistani broadcasting—a journey marked by accolades, respect, and an unwavering commitment to journalistic excellence. Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring broadcasters and a reminder of the enduring power of a seasoned voice in the world of media.

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