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Sharif family ‘afraid’ of prisoner number 804, claims Omar Ayub

Sharif family 'afraid' of prisoner number 804, claims Omar Ayub

In Quetta, Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Omar Ayub referred to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan by his prisoner number, asserting that the Sharif family was “afraid” of prisoner number 804.

Addressing the media, Ayub claimed that the PTI was raising awareness among the masses and expressed confidence that his party would form the next government once the current governments are dissolved. He emphasized the PTI’s commitment to upholding the supremacy of the law and constitution.

Asserting that Pakistan was experiencing a new era, Ayub highlighted the successful rallies despite obstacles faced by the PTI. He mentioned instances of alleged mistreatment of party workers and restrictions on displaying party flags in Pishin and Chaman public gatherings.

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Ayub announced plans for rallies across the country under the alliance of parties, expressing determination to continue their protest movement against alleged election rigging and for the restoration of democracy.

The opposition leader emphasized the need for equitable distribution of resources, stating that Balochistan’s resources should primarily benefit its residents. He stressed that resources of any province should be allocated for the welfare of its people.

Furthermore, Ayub disclosed that the six-party opposition alliance had initiated a protest drive against the government, commencing with a rally in Pishin. He reiterated their commitment to reclaiming rights through the “Tehreek Tahafuz Ayin” movement.

In a significant development, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Sharif Khilji announced his decision to join the PTI, criticizing the PPP’s leadership and expressing disillusionment with the party’s direction under Zardari’s leadership.