Sheikh Rashid Criticizes Government over Inflation and Alleged Manipulation

Web DeskJuly 17, 2023

Sheikh Rashid, the chief of Awami Muslim League (AML), has voiced criticism against the government, accusing it of contributing to inflation and making amendments to laws for personal gain. In a series of tweets, he highlighted the rising prices of essential commodities and expressed concerns over the government’s approach to securing loans. Additionally, he made allegations against Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and raised questions about the transparency of upcoming elections.

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Sheikh Rashid criticized the current government’s performance, claiming that over the past 15 months, it has been responsible for increasing prices of electricity, gas, flour, and sugar. He expressed concern over the impact of these rising prices on the public and questioned the government’s ability to address the economic challenges faced by the country.

Referring to the recent staff-level agreement reached with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Sheikh Rashid highlighted that seeking a loan is generally considered a matter of humiliation. He accused the government of celebrating the loan agreement, while conveniently omitting the fact that the request for the loan was made during the tenure of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government.

Sheikh Rashid accused Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif of taking office on the day of his indictment, suggesting an implication of wrongdoing. He claimed that the PM had managed to clear his “authentic” money laundering case and alleged that he had engaged in money laundering related to solar energy projects, involving a significant amount of Rs70 billion.

Referring to the May 9 violence, Sheikh Rashid claimed that pregnant women and children were forcefully taken from their homes and placed in special prisons, where they were allegedly subjected to torture to extract statements. He alleged that innocent political activists were detained based on these statements and exposed to harsh conditions in police station cells.

Sheikh Rashid raised concerns about the transparency of upcoming elections, stating that it would become evident after the government announces the caretaker set-up and its choice of polls. He implied that the government’s decisions in these matters would reveal whether the elections would be conducted fairly or manipulated.

Sheikh Rashid’s criticism of the government focuses on issues of inflation, alleged amendments to laws for personal gain, and concerns about the transparency of elections. As a prominent political figure, his statements shed light on the ongoing political debates and tensions within the country. It remains to be seen how these concerns will be addressed and what impact they will have on the political landscape.

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