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Shell Reports Profit of Rs314 Million

Shell Reports Profit of Rs314 Million

Shell Pakistan Ltd (SPL) reported a profit after tax (PAT) of Rs314 million for the first quarter of 2024, a significant improvement compared to a loss of Rs4.762 billion in the same period last year. During this quarter, the mobility business expanded its network by commissioning five new sites and refreshing 13 existing sites. Additionally, the business added 13 non-fuel retail facilities across the network.

Attock Refinery Ltd (ARL) announced the resumption of its main crude distillation unit following improvements in uplifting high-speed diesel (HSD). ARL stated in a stock filing that it is closely monitoring the situation regarding product demand.

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Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Ltd achieved a turnover of Rs16.30 billion in 2023. The Shareholders Fund recorded a net profit after tax of Rs156.30 million (earnings per share at Rs1.20), while the Participants’ Takaful Fund (Waqf Fund) generated a surplus before distribution of Rs37.5 million.