Shiraz Uppal on ‘Funkari’ Controversy with Aima Baig

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Shiraz Uppal on 'Funkari' Controversy with Aima Baig

In a candid interview, renowned music artist Shiraz Uppal opened up about the controversy surrounding his hit song “Funkari,” shedding light on his decision to address the lack of credit he received for composing the track for singer Aima Baig.

The controversy arose in July when Shiraz Uppal publicly called out Aima Baig for not acknowledging his contributions during an interview with a local news outlet.

Discussing the matter on the talk show Bakamal, Uppal seized the opportunity to express his frustration with the prevailing trend of denying due credit to creators of successful songs. He emphasized the need for newcomers in the industry to set a precedent by acknowledging the efforts of those involved in the creative process. Uppal stressed the importance of unlearning certain habits in the industry and highlighted his practice of ensuring proof of his involvement in projects.

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Regarding the specific incident with Aima Baig, Uppal clarified that he wrote, composed, and recorded the song “Funkari.” He invited Baig to review their past collaborations to verify the facts surrounding the creation of the song.

In response to Aima Baig’s claim that the late lyricist Shakeel Sohail co-wrote “Funkari,” Uppal revealed that Sohail had passed away six months before the song’s creation. Expressing disappointment with Baig’s insistence on Sohail’s involvement, Uppal stated that it was disheartening for him. He questioned the plausibility of someone coming back from the grave to contribute to a song and felt compelled to address the issue.

Initially, Aima Baig maintained her claim, but the controversy took a turn after online backlash, leading her to eventually credit Shiraz Uppal for his significant role in the creation of “Funkari.”

Through this incident, Shiraz Uppal advocates for a more transparent and credit-driven culture in the music industry, underscoring the importance of recognizing the contributions of all creators involved in the making of a song.

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