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Shuja Asad bids a heartfelt bye to Khaie

Shuja Asad bids a heartfelt bye to Khaie

In a heartfelt departure from the blockbuster drama ‘Khaie,’ that recently ended, rising star Shuja Asad bids farewell to his iconic role as Barlas Khan, expressing deep gratitude to his fans, producers, and fellow cast members.

Reflecting on his journey with the character, Shuja Asad shared, ‘From the moment I heard Barlas’ story, I knew it was meant to be. I had to play him – and I fought so hard to do just that.’

The young actor poured his heart and soul into the role, acknowledging the overwhelming love and respect he received from viewers: ‘You brought Barlas to life. You gave him, gave me, SO much love and respect.’

In his Instagram post, Shuja Asad extended special thanks to the producers for taking a chance on him and praised director Wajahat Hussain Syed for shaping him into an artist. He also expressed appreciation to the star-studded cast and dedicated crew who brought ‘Khaie’ to life. As Shuja bids adieu to ‘Khaie,’ b fans are left reflecting on the impact of Sardar Barlas Khan and the journey they shared with him.