Significant Increase in LGBTQ+ Identification Among Gen Z

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In a remarkable societal shift, the latest data reveals that a growing number of young people in the UK, particularly within the “Gen Z” demographic, are openly identifying as gay or bisexual. According to the Office for National Statistics’ annual population survey for 2022, one in ten members of Gen Z now identify as gay or bisexual, marking a significant and rapid increase compared to five years ago.

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The statistics unveiled in the survey show that more than 10% of women and 8% of men aged 16 to 24 now identify as gay or bisexual, representing a substantial increase from the figures recorded in 2017. Back then, only 4.8% of women in the same age group identified as such, while the percentage for men stood at 3.8%.

Breaking down the numbers further, it becomes evident that young women are leading this shift in sexual orientation identification. Nearly 9% of young women in the 16 to 24 age bracket now identify as bisexual, while 2% identify as lesbians. This contrasts with the figures for young men, where 4.1% identify as bisexual and 3.8% identify as gay.

This shift in self-identification reflects changing societal attitudes, increased awareness, and greater acceptance of diverse sexual orientations among the younger generation. It highlights the importance of providing safe and inclusive spaces for individuals to express their identities and underscores the need for continued dialogue and support for LGBTQ+ individuals in all aspects of society

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