Sindh to Withdraw Excess Police Forces from VIPs

Web DeskSeptember 20, 2023
Sindh to Withdraw Excess Police Forces from VIPs

The Threat Assessment Committee in Sindh convened a meeting on Tuesday to discuss a significant security shift in the province. Chaired by Sindh’s caretaker home minister, Haris Nawaz, the committee decided to withdraw excess police forces previously deployed for the security and protocol of VIPs. These forces will now be redirected towards a comprehensive operation against criminals.

The committee’s primary focus was to evaluate the current security threats faced by prominent individuals and locations across Sindh. The assessment led to a consensus to reduce excessive security deployments associated with VIPs. Divisional threat assessment committees, led by respective commissioners, have been tasked with reassessing and recommending necessary security measures for individuals under threat.

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During the meeting, a key topic of discussion was the launch of a ‘grand’ operation aimed at addressing street criminals, drug dealers, illegal immigrants, and smugglers operating within the province. The authorities stressed the urgency of eliminating criminal elements within a two-month timeframe.

Home Minister Nawaz, during a subsequent visit to the Shikarpur Kutcha area, emphasized that those involved in robberies and kidnappings would face uncompromising action. He urged the police to use whatever means necessary to eradicate criminal activity and announced the involvement of Pakistan Army, Rangers, and Punjab Police in the operation.

In addition, police personnel on duty in Kutcha areas will receive a separate allowance of Rs. 10,000 as part of the comprehensive anti-crime initiative. The caretaker government reaffirmed its commitment to making these areas crime-free during its tenure.

Minister Nawaz concluded by calling on criminals to surrender and come within the bounds of the law. He promised concessions in accordance with legal procedures and appealed for the sake of their children’s future.


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