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Six Fatalities Reported In Accident Near Kallar Kahar

Six Fatalities Reported In Accident Near Kallar Kahar

Six individuals tragically lost their lives in a traffic collision on Monday along the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway near Kallar Kahar.

According to reports, the accident was caused by a brake malfunction in a gas container, leading it to veer out of control and collide with multiple vehicles on the Salt Range section of the motorway.

Upon receiving notification of the incident, rescue teams promptly arrived at the scene and transported the deceased to a nearby hospital.

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This accident-prone area, characterized by treacherous curves and steep inclines, has witnessed numerous fatal accidents in the past.

This recent tragedy adds to a series of deadly incidents that have occurred in the vicinity. Last June, a bus accident near Kallar Kahar resulted in the loss of at least 10 lives and left 25 others injured.

Similarly, in February 2023, a bus carrying passengers returning from a wedding overturned following a tire blowout, claiming the lives of 14 individuals, including women and children.

A police official highlighted the dangerous nature of the Salt Range segment of the motorway, attributing many accidents to its challenging terrain.

He stressed the importance of exercising caution when navigating through this mountainous region.

It’s worth noting that on September 26, 2011, a devastating school bus accident in the same area led to the deaths of 33 students. Despite the frequent accidents, the region lacks adequate medical facilities.

Although a trauma center was constructed in Kallar Kahar at a cost of Rs 26.7 crore, it remains non-operational due to the Punjab government’s failure to recruit doctors. Eventually, the facility was repurposed as a tehsil headquarters hospital.