Soldiers engaged in smuggling activities will undergo a military court martial

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Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti announced on Monday that Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Asim Munir had issued a stern warning, stating that security personnel involved in cross-border smuggling would face court martial and imprisonment. Bugti, addressing a news conference in the federal capital alongside Interim Information Minister Murtaza Solangi, shared the government’s efforts over the past month to curb smuggling activities.

Bugti highlighted the stringent measures taken, including the establishment of checkpoints and collaboration with customs and Frontier Corps to control the smuggling of essential commodities such as wheat, urea, sugar, and petroleum products. He reported that 1,068 FIRs were filed to combat illegal financial activities like Hundi Hawala and dollar smuggling, and an active anti-narcotics campaign resulted in 242 registered cases.

Bugti emphasized that no one, regardless of their influence, would be exempt from the law. He clarified that even powerful individuals engaged in smuggling would be held accountable. He mentioned the army chief’s clear message during a recent meeting, affirming that security personnel found guilty of cross-border smuggling would face both court martial and imprisonment.

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Regarding recent terrorist incidents, Bugti revealed ongoing investigations into the involvement of external elements, such as RAW, in previous Balochistan incidents. He assured that details about the perpetrators and facilitators of the recent bombings would be shared once the investigations were complete. Bugti praised the courage of the country’s security forces and vowed to continue the fight against terrorism until every troublemaker was eliminated from the nation.

Bugti also discussed preparations for the upcoming general elections, stating that discussions with the Election Commission of Pakistan had taken place, and further meetings were planned in the coming days. Regarding PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif’s expected return on October 21, Bugti expressed encouragement about his return, clarifying that his previous statement about Nawaz’s potential arrest upon arrival had been misinterpreted by the PML-N.

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