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Sonakshi Sinha Stuns in Ansab Jahangir’s Ivory Saree and Orange Bandhani Chaadar

Sonakshi Sinha Stuns in Ansab Jahangir’s Ivory Saree and Orange Bandhani Chaadar

Sonakshi Sinha, known for her mesmerizing portrayal of the enigmatic courtesan Fareedan in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar,” continues to dazzle audiences. Gracing the cover of Khush Magazine, the actor stuns in a custom ensemble by Pakistani designer Ansab Jahangir.

Channeling the regal and timeless elegance of Fareedan, Sonakshi captivates in a stunning ivory saree for the cover shoot. Embellished with intricate gold embroidery and sequins, the ensemble exudes the grandeur and sophistication reminiscent of the 1940s Lahore setting of “Heeramandi.” Adding a vibrant contrast to the monochromatic palette is a richly embroidered two-tone orange bandhani chaadar, completing the ensemble with flair.

Sonakshi’s jewellery is equally captivating, featuring a statement choker adorned with pearls and green gemstones, lending a royal touch to the look. Oversized earrings and a matching ring, also embellished with pearls and gemstones, enhance the ensemble with layers of intricate detail, accentuating its glamour.

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In the makeup department, the “Singham” actor opts for a sophisticated look that enhances her natural beauty. A smokey eye with subtle shimmer adds depth and highlights her expressive eyes, while well-defined brows provide structure to her face. Sonakshi pairs this with a muted peach lipstick on flawless, dewy skin, radiating a healthy glow achieved through expert contouring and highlighting.

From a fashion perspective, Ansab Jahangir’s creation strikes the perfect balance between extravagance and subtlety. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail in the embroidery elevate the ensemble, making it suitable for both bridal wear and high-fashion editorials. With this cross-border collaboration garnering praise from style enthusiasts, Sonakshi’s portrayal of Fareedan shines through in her other endeavors as well.