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Sonya Hussyn: From Physiologist to Accidental Acting Career

Sonya Hussyn: From Physiologist to Accidental Acting Career

In a recent appearance on Shan e Suhoor, actor Sonya Hussyn shared details about her close-knit family bond and a memorable career moment. Recounting the most embarrassing incident of her career, Sonya remembered a wardrobe malfunction during the Hum Awards in Canada in 2022.

Clad in a stunning pink sequined sari, Sonya’s blouse snapped midway through the show, leaving her mortified. Despite the mishap, she quickly improvised by draping her sari around herself and proceeded to the stage to sing. With the crowd’s attention diverted to singer Atif Aslam, Sonya managed to salvage the situation, showcasing her quick thinking under pressure.

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Sonya’s journey into acting wasn’t something she had initially planned. With no acting background in her family, she initially aspired to pursue a career in physiology or become a commercial pilot due to her love for travel. However, fate led her to audition for a role in Dareecha in 2011, marking the beginning of her television career.

Speaking fondly of her family, Sonya highlighted the strong bond she shares with her sisters, Sana and Saima, emphasizing their support and lack of jealousy towards each other. She expressed her willingness to guide her sister Sana, who aims to pursue acting.

In addition to acting, Sonya aspires to become a director in the future, with a focus on theater actors whom she admires for their commitment to the craft. She also revealed her passion for saris and expressed her desire to start her own sari business to offer unique designs to customers.

With the unwavering support of her sisters and her diverse aspirations, Sonya Hussyn continues to captivate audiences with her talent and resilience, paving the way for a promising future in the entertainment industry.