Sophie Turner Initiates Legal Action to Resolve children Custody Dispute with Joe Jonas

Web DeskSeptember 22, 2023

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, 27, has filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan court to ask for the repatriation of her two daughters, Willa, 3, and D., a 14-month-old daughter, to England. Willa and D. were previously identified in court records as D. and Willa, respectively.

Turner’s legal team claims that her ex-husband Joe Jonas, 34, is the target of the case, which demands “the immediate return of children wrongfully removed or wrongfully retained,” and that the “wrongful retention” started on September 20.

Turner asserts in her lawsuit that she and Jonas decided to make England their “forever home” over Christmas in 2022 while preparing for the coming year.

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The documents state that in April, the pair was in the midst of buying a home in the English countryside after selling their Miami home, where they had previously lived. Turner started filming during this time for the miniseries about Joan on which she has been working all summer.

According to the legal records, after Jonas started touring with The Jonas Brothers, both parties decided to let their kids go along with him because he was more available during the day than Turner, who was working on a movie.

Turner claims that after a fight on August 15, their marriage “very suddenly” started to deteriorate. Turner learned of the divorce “from the media” a few days after Jonas filed for divorce on September 1.

Two weeks later, at a meeting, Turner restated her intention to move to England, which led to the custody issue escalating. Jonas, however, had a change of heart and rejected this scheme.

The children’s passports are in the father’s possession, according to the legal papers. He declines to give the mother her passports back and declines to send the kids back to England with the mother.

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