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Chinese Fans Show Appreciation To Singapore Goalkeeper With Money

Chinese Fans Show Appreciation To Singapore Goalkeeper With Money

Singapore goalkeeper Hassan Sunny received money from Chinese football fans after his 11 saves against Thailand in a World Cup qualifying match helped China advance to the next round.

Despite China’s slim chances of making the final stage of Asian qualifying for the 2026 tournament after a 1-0 defeat by South Korea in Seoul, they progressed thanks to Hassan’s multiple saves in the match against Thailand.

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Hassan’s picture of a payment QR code from his food stall has been shared online, allowing fans to transfer money as a token of appreciation. He expressed some concern about the legality and the continuous stream of money.

While Hassan did not disclose the exact amount he received, he expressed the need to halt the donations at some point.

His family’s stall, Dapur Hassan, in the eastern suburbs of Singapore, has seen an influx of Chinese fans visiting since his standout performance against Thailand, leading to shortages of food supplies.

Hassan mentioned that his family, particularly his daughters, were surprised by the sudden attention and the presence of his face everywhere.