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Lionel Messi Affirms Inter Miami as His Final Club

Lionel Messi Affirms Inter Miami as His Final Club

Lionel Messi, the globally renowned soccer star and winner of eight Ballon d’Or awards, has affirmed that Inter Miami will be his final club. Speaking with ESPN Argentina, Messi acknowledged the limited time left in his illustrious career, stating, “There’s not a lot of time left.”

Last summer, Messi made a significant move by joining Inter Miami, departing from Paris Saint-Germain and experiencing his first venture outside Europe in two decades. Reflecting on this change, Messi admitted, “I’ve done this all of my life; I love playing ball. I enjoy the practices and the day-to-day, the games. Yeah, there’s a bit of fear that it’s all ending. It’s always there. It was a difficult step leaving Europe to come here [Miami].”

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His perspective has evolved significantly since winning the World Cup, providing him with a fresh outlook on his career. “The fact we won the World Cup helped, it helped a lot, to see things in another way,” Messi explained. “But I try not to think about it. I try to enjoy it. I do that more now because I’m aware that there’s not a lot of time left. So I have a good time with the club, being lucky having good teammates and friends at my side.”

Currently contracted with Inter Miami until the end of the 2025 MLS season, Messi has maintained an exceptional performance level, averaging a goal per game in 2024. He has contributed 12 goals and 13 assists across 12 matches this year, leading Inter Miami in the race for the Supporters’ Shield. Having secured the Leagues Cup championship in 2023, Inter Miami is poised for a strong MLS title challenge this season.

In his interview, Messi confirmed his commitment to Inter Miami, stating, “Yes. I think so, yes. Right now I think it’s going to be my last club, yes,” as reported by The Athletic.

In addition to his club commitments, Messi will represent Argentina in the upcoming Copa America hosted in the US this summer. Although his playing time was limited in Argentina’s recent 1-0 victory over Ecuador in Chicago, Messi is set to start in Argentina’s Copa America campaign beginning June 20 against Canada.

While Messi acknowledges that this year’s Copa America could mark his final appearance in the tournament, he remains open to the possibility of competing in the 2026 World Cup, contingent upon his physical condition and ability to contribute effectively to his team. “How I am physically and knowing whether I’m at the level to be able to compete and help my teammates,” Messi told InfoBae. “There is still a long time until the tournament, but it goes quickly. I don’t know how I will be in that moment and if I feel I will be at the level to help my teammates.”