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Shaheen Afridi to be Dropped After Misconduct Reports

Pakistan star pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi may face disciplinary action for inappropriate behavior that upset coaches and board officials. The incident happened during a practice session at Headingley on the recent England tour, where Afridi’s conduct with batting coach Mohammad Yousuf was deemed inappropriate.

Sources reveal that Afridi’s misconduct was evident when Yousuf criticized him for bowling too many no-balls. Afridi retorted, “Let me practice for now, and don’t talk in the middle,” leading to a heated confrontation.

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The situation escalated, requiring team management intervention. Afridi was reprimanded and made to apologize to Yousuf in front of the team. Although resolved with an apology, the incident has sparked a broader inquiry.

An investigation is now underway to understand why no immediate disciplinary action was taken against Afridi. This probe also examines player lobbies within the team, contributing to a negative atmosphere. Team managers’ handling of the situation is under scrutiny.

Internal discord and lack of discipline among players have become significant concerns for team management. The PCB plans to provide more opportunities to domestic performers in the home series against Bangladesh.