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Thailand Beats Pakistan in Asian Team Snooker Championship Final

Thailand Beats Pakistan in Asian Team Snooker Championship Final

In a dramatic finale to the Asian Team Snooker Championship, Pakistan was defeated by Thailand, securing a silver medal instead of the coveted gold. Despite impressive victories in the Asian 6 Red Ball and Asian Under-21 Championships, the Pakistani team could not maintain their winning streak in the final match.

Pakistan’s Asjad Iqbal and Awais Munir delivered remarkable performances throughout the tournament. However, in the final, the team’s form faltered against a formidable Thai squad.

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In the first singles match, Asjad Iqbal faced a swift defeat. The second singles saw Owais Munir putting up a strong fight, but a foul on the brown ball during the crucial color potting phase allowed the Thai player to clear the frame.

The doubles match proved equally challenging for the Pakistani pair. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to stop the Thai team, who won with scores of 4-61, 53-75, and 26-90, clinching the championship.

Following their loss in the final, the Pakistani team took home the silver medal, adding to their impressive medal tally from the tournament. Pakistan had previously won a gold medal in the Asian 6 Red Ball Championship and both gold and silver medals in the Asian Under-21 Championship. Additionally, the team had secured a bronze medal in the 6 Red Ball event.

This year’s performance underscores the Pakistani team’s resilience and skill in the sport, promising a bright future in upcoming snooker tournaments.