Starving Man Calls 15 for Food, Receives Help

Web DeskAugust 26, 2023
Starving Man Calls 15 for Food, Receives Help

Responding to an urgent distress call, the police swiftly intervened to aid a man in dire circumstances who had reached out to emergency hotline 15. The caller, identified as Bashir Ahmed, hailing from village Sargani in tehsil Karor Lal Esan, conveyed the harrowing tale of his family’s hunger over the past two days and even expressed a threat of suicide.

Bashir Ahmed, a daily wage laborer, had been grappling with prolonged unemployment, exacerbated by the relentless grip of inflation. His desperate situation had left him, his wife, and their four children without food for an alarming duration.

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Upon receiving the call, Layyah District Police Officer (DPO) Asadur Rehman took immediate action. He personally contacted Bashir, offering words of solace and counsel. With the morning came a visit from the DPO and his team to Bashir’s residence in village Sargani. Their gesture of compassion was manifested through the provision of substantial food supplies that could sustain the family for the upcoming weeks. Additionally, Bashir was handed a sum of money to alleviate his financial distress.

Accompanying the DPO was Inspector Muhammad Idris Khan, the Station House Officer (SHO) of Karor Police Station. The DPO shared that this was a unique instance where a citizen had reached out to emergency services, expressing the dire situation of his family’s hunger and desperation.

In a subsequent video message, the DPO elaborated on his interaction with Bashir. He recounted how he had spoken to the distressed individual, urging him to remain patient and assuring him of assistance from the police. The DPO highlighted the importance of community awareness and appealed to those who are more privileged to remain attuned to the struggles faced by their fellow citizens.

Bashir Ahmed, in a video clip shared with a YouTuber, expressed his gratitude for the aid provided by the DPO and his team. He estimated the value of the daily essentials received to be around Rs60,000 to Rs70,000, emphasizing the substantial impact of this act of kindness on his life and his family’s well-being.

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