Stem Cell Treatment Cures Gorilla’s Arthritis

Web DeskSeptember 4, 2023
Stem Cell Treatment Cures Gorilla's Arthritis

In a groundbreaking development, scientists have utilized stem cell therapy to address arthritis in a primate for the very first time.

Meet Liesel, a 46-year-old gorilla residing in Budapest Zoo. Liesel has raised her own children and 10 grandbaby gorillas, but in her later years, she has been grappling with achy knees and joints. Zookeepers suspected she had osteoarthritis, as she struggled to walk on her left leg.

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To alleviate her discomfort, researchers from the University of Sheffield took stem cells, generously donated by a younger gorilla, and administered them into Liesel’s knees and hips. The goal is to stimulate the regeneration of cartilage in her joints through this treatment.

This innovative approach is expected to significantly enhance Liesel’s quality of life during her golden years, providing her with much-needed relief from arthritis-related pain and mobility issues.


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