Student’s Skull Allegedly Smashed by School Staff in Lahore

Web DeskSeptember 7, 2023
Student's Skull Allegedly Smashed by School Staff in Lahore

In a deeply disturbing incident that unfolded in the Samanabad area of Lahore, a school principal and a teacher are facing allegations of brutally torturing a student, resulting in a fractured skull.

The victim was a student enrolled at Iqra Rozatul Atfal School Samanabad.

According to the local police, the horrifying incident occurred when the principal and the teacher subjected the student to physical abuse. The teacher reportedly seized the student and forcefully propelled him, causing his head to collide with a ceiling fan. This impact resulted in a severe fracture to the child’s skull, raising grave concerns about potential brain damage.

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Shockingly, rather than promptly notifying Faizan’s parents about the grave situation, the school’s management made the decision to transfer him to a hospital. It was only after the father’s persistent insistence that a formal complaint was registered against the school administration.

Despite the severity of the accusations, the accused principal and teacher are currently evading authorities, intensifying the distress of the victim’s family. This incident has sparked widespread outrage and demands for swift justice, prompting local authorities to redouble their efforts to apprehend the alleged culprits.

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