Subway Collision: Over 100 Passengers Face Fractures

Web DeskDecember 16, 2023
Subway Collision: Over 100 Passengers Face Fractures

A recent incident in Beijing involved a collision between two subway trains during rush hour, resulting in 102 individuals sustaining broken bones, according to reports from Chinese state media.

Following the accident, more than 500 people were transported to the hospital. The collision occurred around 19:00 local time on Thursday, amid heavy snowfall on the Changping subway line, causing slippery tracks.

The collision was attributed to “signal degradation,” causing the first train to abruptly brake. The second train, unable to stop on the icy tracks, collided with the rear of the first train, leading to the detachment of the last two carriages of one of the trains.

Online images and videos depicted commuters crowded in darkened carriages, some using emergency hammers to break windows for fresh air. Presently, 67 individuals are undergoing treatment in the hospital, while 25 are “under observation,” with no reported fatalities.

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Chinese netizens expressed shock and frustration at the substantial number of injuries caused by the incident. Beijing Subway issued an apology and committed to covering the medical expenses of the injured. Due to the “extreme weather,” trains above ground will operate in manual mode, with widened intervals between them.

The affected section of the subway line, spanning three stations, was closed on Friday. Heavy snowfall has disrupted the city’s transportation system, including roads, rails, and air travel.

With a significant drop in temperatures anticipated across northern China in the coming days, warnings of temperatures below -20°C in Beijing over the weekend have prompted some cities to close schools and suspend train services.

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