Suzuki announces installment plans for its bikes

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Suzuki announces installment plans for its bikes

Suzuki is a well-known brand in Pakistan and has a significant presence in the market, as the automaker offers a diverse selection of bikes in several segments, such as commuter bikes, sport bikes, and adventure rides.

As purchasers continue to face price shocks, all motorcycle manufacturers have raised their prices in recent months in response to the significant devaluation of the Pakistani rupee and an increase in production costs.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company raised the prices of all of its models. Suzuki provides some of its most popular models in the country, including the Suzuki GD-110 S, GS-150, GSX-125, and GR-150.

Suzuki Bikes Prices in Pakistan

Suzuki’s lowest bike, the GD 110S, is now Rs322,000, and the GS 150 is now Rs 350,000. The price of the company’s famed Suzuki GR150 has jumped to Rs5 01,000, while the price of the Suzuki GSX 125 has increased to Rs469,000.

Customers are looking for Suzuki Bikes on easy payments in the midst of skyrocketing rates. Suzuki Motorcycles are available on an 18-24 month installment plan with no markup and as little as a 30% down payment.

Suzuki GR 150 (Rs. 501,000)

Instalment Plan Down Payment Instalment
18 Months (50%) 13,900
24 Months (35%) 13,568


Suzuki GD 110S 110S (Rs. 322,000)

Installment Plan Down Payment Installment
18 Months (50%) 8,950
24 Months (35%) 8,720


Suzuki GS 150 (Rs. 350,000)

Installment Plan Down Payment Installment
18 Months (50%) 9,720
24 Months (35%) 9,480

GSX 125 (Rs. 469,000)

Installment Plan Down Payment Installment
18 Months (50%) 13,020
24 Months (35%) 12,700


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