Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ Sparks Theater Etiquette Debate

Web DeskOctober 20, 2023

Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ Film Sparks Theater Etiquette Discussion

After the premiere of Taylor Swift’s concert film, ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,’ in theaters over the weekend, fans were experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. This top-grossing concert film in domestic history ignited a lively social media debate on moviegoer etiquette. One viral video posted on X (formerly Twitter) depicted attendees at the movie theater enthusiastically singing, waving their phone flashlights, and dancing during Swift’s performance of “Marjorie,” even spilling into the front row.

One frustrated moviegoer captioned the original video, “I’m at the worst screening ever. Can’t even hear Taylor.”

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Another user complained on X that they had difficulty hearing Swift due to disruptive audience behavior, revealing, “People were so disrespectful that some were actually asked to leave the room because they were being extremely rude. They completely ruined many people’s experience there.”

A third individual on the platform suggested that moviegoers should anticipate a concert-like experience, stating, “Because as a theater experience, it’s horrible. Expect dancing, standing on chairs, screaming, and singing along. She made this for her hardcore fans.”

Of course, there were also numerous social media posts celebrating the interactive nature of the film, asserting that it enhances the overall experience. Swift herself encouraged this in her late August Instagram post about the movie, where she stated, “Eras attire, friendship bracelets, singing, and dancing encouraged.”

In a statement issued by AMC Theatres before the film’s release, they encouraged dancing and singing throughout the concert film but asked attendees not to obstruct others’ views or safety.

Before the film’s release, brand analyst Ellyn Briggs from Morning Consult compared the marketing of ‘Eras Tour’ to Warner Bros.’ strategy for their blockbuster ‘Barbie,’ making the act of buying a ticket an event in itself. It involved planning outfits, creating friendship bracelets, and attending the screening as a memorable experience.

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