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Systems Limited Welcomes U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, His Excellency Mr. Donald Blome

Systems Limited Welcomes U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, His Excellency Mr. Donald Blome

Systems Limited, a prominent provider of IT and IT-enabled services in Pakistan, had the privilege of hosting the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. Donald A. Blome, along with other distinguished guests from the U.S. Embassy. During the visit, Mr. Asif Peer, CEO of Systems Limited, and Mr. Aezaz Hussain, Founder and Chairman of the Board, welcomed the delegation and provided insights into the ongoing collaborations between the U.S. and Pakistan in the IT sector, as well as the future plans of Systems Limited.

Established in 1977, Systems Limited has been a pioneer in the IT industry in Pakistan and expanded globally in 1996 by establishing a presence in the United States. With strong relationships with major U.S. enterprises, the company operates in 16+ countries across regions, serving a diverse clientele. Mr. Aezaz Hussain, the founder of Systems Limited, played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) in 1993, advocating for the export of IT services from Pakistan and promoting industry growth.

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During the visit, Ambassador Blome inquired about the availability and quality of IT resources in Pakistan. The Systems team highlighted their partnership with academia and commitment to nurturing high-quality IT talent through academic collaborations and skill-building initiatives.

Mr. Asif Peer expressed the privilege of hosting Ambassador Blome and emphasized the company’s dedication to excellence, driven by a global team of over 7000 professionals. He also expressed eagerness to forge B2B alliances and partnership opportunities with the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan to drive technological innovation and economic growth.

Ambassador Blome praised the efforts of Systems Limited and reiterated the commitment to work with the government and U.S. businesses in Pakistan to improve the investment climate and foster innovation. Following the visit, Systems Limited looks forward to continued collaboration and partnership opportunities with entities like the United States Embassy in Pakistan, furthering its mission of driving technological innovation and economic growth.