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Fans Wearing ‘Imran Khan’ Shirts Barred from Stadium in WC 2024

Fans Wearing 'Imran Khan' Shirts Barred from Stadium in WC 2024

During the current 2024 T20 World Cup, controversy arose when security guards instructed fans wearing shirts featuring Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan to take them off.
The spectators, there for the match, were surprised by the security guards’ request, sparking a tense confrontation.

“Why can’t we wear this shirt? Show us the ICC rules or their website where it says this isn’t allowed,” one fan challenged passionately.

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“This is a cricketer’s image. Why ban it in a cricket stadium in the Caribbean?” Their frustration was evident as they struggled to grasp the reasoning behind the decision.

A security usher responded, “I’m just following orders from higher-ups and doing my duty.” This explanation failed to appease the irate fans, who persisted in voicing their dissatisfaction.