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Rain Threatens Pakistan’s Super 8 Hopes in USA-Ireland Match

Rain Threatens Pakistan's Super 8 Hopes in USA-Ireland Match

NEW YORK – The cricket scenario improved after a dry Thursday morning, just in time for Lauderhill’s hosting of three crucial T20 World Cup Group A matches over the next three days.

These matches are critical for Pakistan, host USA, Ireland, and Canada, who are all still in contention. If today’s game between USA and Ireland gets washed out, the USA will automatically advance to the Super Eight stage as the second team from Group A.

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Pakistan’s hopes of advancing to the Super 8 stage in the T20 World Cup depend significantly on this match.

Fortunately, the current weather conditions suggest a low chance of a washout.

The weather forecast is promising, with only a 20% chance of rain during the game, though this probability increases to 30% around noon.

The match is scheduled to start at 7:30 pm PST. To ensure a definitive result, at least five overs must be played in each innings. The teams also have an extra 90 minutes to accommodate any weather-related delays.

Babar XI will play their final group match against Ireland this Sunday, June 16, at the Central Broward Regional Park Stadium.

As teams vie for the Super 8 stage, the final three matches of Group A will be held in Florida, which has experienced severe weather, including flooding, this week.

After today’s game, the second match is set for June 15 between India and Canada, with the final one between Pakistan and Ireland on June 16.

India has already qualified for the next stage of the tournament from this group, while both Pakistan and the USA are looking to secure their places in the same stage.