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T20 World Cup The Pakistan team’s hotel in NYC was changed following Mohsin Naqvi’s intervention

T20 World Cup: The Pakistan team's hotel in NYC was changed following Mohsin Naqvi's intervention

The accommodation arrangements for the Pakistan national cricket team during the T20 World Cup have been revised following an intervention by Mohsin Naqvi, who raised concerns about the initial hotel location. The original accommodation was situated 90 minutes away from the stadium, which posed significant inconvenience and potential disruption to the team’s preparation and rest.

Responding to Naqvi’s objection, the International Cricket Council (ICC) arranged for the team to be relocated to a new hotel just 5 minutes away from the stadium. This change is expected to provide the team with better convenience, allowing for more efficient travel to and from the venue and improved preparation for their matches.

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The Pakistan national cricket team is set to commence its T20 World Cup campaign on Thursday with a match against the United States of America (USA). Following this, the team will play crucial matches against India on June 9 and Canada on June 11 in New York. The updated accommodation arrangements are anticipated to enhance the team’s overall performance by ensuring they have adequate rest and optimal conditions for preparation ahead of these important games.