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What Prize Money did India Receive for Winning World Cup?

What Prize Money did India Receive for Winning World Cup?

India secured their second ICC T20 World Cup title in a thrilling match in Barbados, defeating South Africa by a narrow 7-run margin. The victory not only bestowed upon them the prestigious championship but also a substantial prize purse.

India’s bowlers played a crucial role in defending a target of 177 runs in a high-stakes encounter. Despite South Africa’s strong effort in chasing, they fell short, managing 169 for 8, thereby handing India the victory by a mere 7 runs.

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This triumph marks India’s second T20 World Cup win, following their first in 2007. In addition to lifting the coveted trophy, the Indian team received the largest prize money in the tournament’s history—24 million dollars, equivalent to over 680 million Pakistani rupees. This amount significantly surpasses the prize awarded in the 2022 T20 World Cup, where the winning team received 10.6 million dollars.

Meanwhile, the runner-up, South Africa, also earned a substantial prize of 12.8 million dollars, which amounts to over 350 million Pakistani rupees.